2000 Grand Cherokee with 4.7l radiator removal

Help!!! Was following the shop manual to remove by leaky radiator out of my 2000 grand cherokee with 4.7 liter engine, but apparently there wasn’t enough info. I got as far as removing all the hoses, transmission lines, fan electrical connector, viscous fan and the two radiator attachment bolts. Thought that the radiator comes out as a unit with the fan duct and electric fan. It seems that the AC condenser is also attached. I also noticed that the plastic attachment at the bottom of the radiator is also securing the condenser to the radiator which looks like the condenser needs to be removed first before the radiator can be separated from it. My question is, can I remove this radiator without having to remove the entire assembly with condenser. And if so how? Do I need to remove the fan duct bolts? What is securing the radiator to the condenser? Also, do I need to remove the Grill. If so how do I get to the bolts under the bumber and headlights? I do not want to break the condenser lines. Waiting patiently for your help.