2000 Grand Cherokee Vehicle Information Center

About a month ago, the vehicle information center alerted me that my “washer fluid” was low. I checked and it was quite full. I topped it off and it continued to a few more times to give me the alert warning. The next day it ceased but then started to warn me with the “Coolant Low” alert. The coolant in fact was not low. It continues to give me this erroneous alert when I initially start the car and and then frequently throughout the day. I temporarily disconnected the float sensor to determine if it was defective. The warnings continued suggesting that the problem is systemic. I spoke to two dealers service centers. Both said they never ran into the problem and what have to hunt for the cause… Sounds very expensive.

That is actually a well known problem which is not too hard to fix if you’re handy and can solder. There is a known solder joint on the vehicle info center display that causes that. I found the instructions too do it doing a google search. Sounds like the dealer wanted to spend some quality (read expensive) finding it… :slight_smile:

Good luck! Tom

Dealers only know one kind of repair. It’s called the GYM repair - Gimme Your Money! By and large, I find dealers a colossal waste of time, 4 to 5 times more expensive than I can buy the same parts online, slow as molasses creeping up hill and they always have a good excuse for why your repair will cost a lot more than your original quote.

If you cannot figure out how to affect the repair Tom recommended, ask around for a good mechanic word of mouth is always best. A Jeep car club maybe?

The car is 13 years old. Put black tape over the information center and don’t spend a cent on it.

Along with the bad solder joint possibility there could also be simple wire connection problem between the sensor and the processor module. By checking the resistance of the sensor at the at the display end while the trouble is happening it would tell you if that is the case or not.