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2000 GMC Jimmy - dead battery/antifreeze leak

Car was dead in the garage, and would only click when the key was turned. All the lights and headlights were working.

AAA came and charged the battery and it started. I drove to the gas station, because maybe the gas was low, since the gauge ALWAYS says it is Full…

When I got back home I noticed a puddle of antifreeze in the garage and the reservoir is a bit low.

Would this have caused the battery to drain? I just had a new reservoir put in 4 months ago.

Thank you.

No, you have two unrelated problems.

If I had to pick 3 things that go together, a 2000 GMC Jimmy, a coolant leak, and a “no-crank” condition, would be high on my list. But the problems are unrelated.

Your car is prone to coolant leaks at the intake (not the worst offender in GM’s stable but up there, I think the 3.4 is worse) and your Delco battery can leak and damage the cables (I conclude you have the same cables but not the same battery).

Just to correct you a bit. I don’t think AAA charged your battery as this would require a battery charger. A jump start is not a battery charge and your cars alternator is not a battery charger, although it does charge the battery at times.