2000 Ford Windstar replacement



My minivan has been great. I am going to need to sell it sometime over the next few years, as it has 113,000 miles on it. Should I sell it now or wait until it starts giving me trouble? Survey says…?


I’m convinced it’s less expensive in the long run to drive a vehicle as long as possible. Maintenance/repair costs are usually MUCH less than the cost of a new vehicle.

I suppose it depends on what you mean by “giving me trouble.” If you consider normal maintenance items like brakes, exhaust, tires, etc., to be “trouble,” then keeping a vehicle for a LONG time may not be right for you.

Another question is “How badly do you want a new vehicle?” IF you still like your current vehicle, and it’s running well, why sell? Keep it as long as you can and save your money.


No, I don’t consider maintenance “trouble.” I was thinking wait until the transmission goes out or the engine has major problems, then fix the problem and sell?