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2000 ford taurus sputters

I have a 2000 ford taurus V6. It sputters going up hills and at stop lights. I’ve serviced the motor and fixed two cracked vacuum hoses. No engine lights are on. Not sure what to do next

Got codes? The CEL light does not have to be illuminated to have stored codes.

Beyond that, start with the basics; fuel line pressure, injector performance, compression, good spark, good spark timing, steady good vacuum. The exhaust could be plugged, but that’s not the first place to look.

Start by having the ECU scanned for stored fault codes. If there are none, check the compression. Post the results and we’ll go from there.

By the way, how many miles are on this baby?
Does it burn any oil?
Is this a sudden new symptom, or the end of a long process of deterioration?
Or is the car new to you?

95000 miles. It doesn’t burn oil and yes new symptom. I thought the engine light had to be on to read codes

That’s a common misconception.

I will bring my scan tool home from work tomorrow and see what comes up thanks for the help

Was one of the vacuum lines you fixed the one at the passenger side end of the intake manifold that connects to the PCV? It can look good and still leak direct manifold vacuum like a sieve.

Ya. I replaced the pcv and hoses

Code P0302 comes up. Cylinder #2 misfire


Check compression on all 6 cylinders

I wouldn’t be surprised if #2 has significantly lower compression

I’ve seen this problem on the 3.0 Vulcan engines before

So if #2 is low how do I go around that. Re build?

If #2 has low compression, you need to find out why

Squirt oil into the spark plug hole and do a wet compression test

Higher compression = worn pistons, rings or cylinders

Same compression = your problem is top end

If the problem is top end, you need a valve job

If the problem is bottom end, it’s not worth fixing, in my opinion

Please don’t shoot the messenger

Ya It’s not worth rebuilding the motor. Thanks for the info

Does your Taurus have the 3.4L engine? Because if it does, it looks like your valve lash is adjustable.

Out-of-spec. valve clearance has been know for throwing misfire codes.

No its a 3.0L. It ran fine today the wife said. It only happens every other day it seems.

I’ve got the answer! Only drive the car on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays etc.

Just kidding… : )