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2000 Ford Taurus - Differential leak

I’m leaking fluid, from different 2 different spots. never at the same time and only overnight. First spot is in the front, passenger side…looks something that may connect the rad & engine, where I think temp control sensor is, the ac connector at same spot is not present. Other spot is just off center towards the drivers side, feels like between the engine & the firewall.It should be easy to figure out but here’s the kicker…seems like the same fluid from either spot…definitely not oil, not red at all so not atf…that leaves coolant, power steering and brake fluid…none, not a single fluid has lost a significant amount of fluid over the last 300kms (3 weeks)…I think the oil is overfull, not frothy or bubbly. I topped off the coolant with prestone concentrate mixed myself 60/40 (water 60)…the engine is quiet but there’s a small vibration in idle that comes and goes…engine mounts have been suggested to me, I haven’t been underneath it it yet but bring up the vibration incase its connected…I also suspect the tail pipe is dripping…not blowing white smoke tho…it has rebuilt status and I have not done a carfax on it…about 3/4 of a tank for that 300k/m…seem like more than it should to me…no engine light but code reader did read p1000 (I think, don’t recall) but upon look at it had something to do with the transmission needing to finish its learning cycle of my driving at highway speeds…rpms are good, shifting in & out of park feels, idk not rough but slightly sticky I guess…and on its first start everyday ignition is engaged , for a moment nothing is happening the it starts turning over like a dream…but it doesn’t catch until the last moment where I’m about to give up , wait a moment and try again…dang that’s a lot more than I thought for issues…I got no indoor heating for it…it’s -5 to -10 right Celsius right now…am I good to change the oil and flush the rad myself outside.I have owned the car 3 weeks…I know its a lot but appreciate any advice, thanks!..hey while writing this I forgot about checking wiper fluid…coz fluid seems almost like water but keeps a dark “wet spot” looking stain where I park…also not gas, not discernable spell, color or texture just the stain whenever I use the car the next day…thanks even more!!