2000 Ford Mustang - Stalls

2000 Mustang: Stalls while driving. Sometimes i turn the key and not one thing lights up. But if you have positive thoughts for awhile it’ll start up. When i turn on the headlights the motor revs up. Lights flickering as you’re driving. Just got a tune up. Mechanic said he can’t find anything wrong with it, unless he is driving it when it happens he cannot know what it is…:open_mouth:

Lots of things could be the cause, but start with the basics…
Check you battery cable terminals to make sure you can not move them with force as well as check for corrosion on any of the battery cables and ends… Also check your battery, if the battery voltage gets low enough the alternator will stop charging, if the battery check good then check the alternator output…
Also, do you have a CEL on (check engine light)?? if so what are the currant codes?? are there any pending codes??

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If you mean the idle rpm increases when you turn on the headlights, that’s probably normal. The headlights shouldn’t flicker, driving or not driving, and if the dashboard isn’t displaying what it should, that’s not normal either. So that’s where your shop should start w/their testing. Suggest to start with the normal charging system/battery test. If you want to do something yourself, and can do so safely, make sure the alternator pulley is spinning when the engine is running. And that there’s no obvious problem with the wiring connected to the alternator and battery.

Could be a bad ignition switch…

But on a 20+ car, it could be a whole lot of things.

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