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2000 Ford Focus “shshing” sound

Well it’s hard to explain but it makes a sound that sounds like the shshing of a train under the front passenger side. Anybody have that kind of problem? It’s driving me crazy!

It may be a vacuum air leak you are hearing.

Do you hear it at a certain situation like at startup, speeding, slowing down, etc?

You will need to give us a better description of the noise you are hearing.

Shshing…could be anything, and we all would be guessing at the problem.

Can you post a sound clip???


You can start by checking the serpentine belt.

It could be a vaccum leak, but it happens while car is in motion, kinda reminds me of a card In the spokes of a bicycle

It only happens While driving

Kinda reminds me of a card in the spokes of a bicycle

Check the wheel wells for a loose and rubbing wheel wheel liner and under the car for a dragging plastic shield.

Ok. I will do that …thank you😊