2000 Ford Focus loud drumming noise?

I have a 2000 Ford Focus with about 145,000 miles on it. When I’m driving I can hear a drumming noise. The faster I go the louder and more fast paced the drumming noise becomes. When I hit about 50 I can hear it, and the faster I go the louder it is. At about 60 the car starts to shake a little bit. When I’m going like 20 or 30 or so, it sounds like I can almost hear my tires turning if that makes sense. The noise is really loud and is starting to concern me. A friend said my CV boots are ripped, but before I take it into a mechanic I would like some non biased opinions. Please help me!

If your CV boots are ripped, you can see it and the half shaft axles will need replaced. It sounds as if you have a bad bearing. Of course certain brands of tires ca get noisy as they wear. If the car is shaking, the tires can be out of alignment or they can be separating internally.

Does the noise stop when you take your foot off the gas? Does it change between going straight and going right or left? “No -Yes” to these two questions points to a front wheel bearing.

Insightful, the noise does decrease in how loud it is when I take my foot off of the gas but it is still pretty loud. And when I turn, the noise does change a little however it is still pretty loud.

Also forgot to mention this, but it on the floor of my car under the driver seat it feels like I can feel the tires rolling below my feet.

Rub your hand over each tire and look for any sign of cupping or scallops. How many miles on the tires?

Don’t rub your hand over the tires.

If any of the steel cords are exposed it will slice your hand wide open.

You only have to do that once, and you’ll never do it again.