2000 Ford Expedition - Battery issue

Well my truck starts but when I check the battery its shows 10.7 is jumping it back to life and should I drive it for about 30mines or 1-3 hours just to keep it alive long lasting because I don’t have enough money to buy a battery or no money at all

What should I do?

If your battery isn’t holding a charge no amount of driving will keep it charged. A cheap battery charger could help but it’s a bandaid at best.

How long did it sit before starting? If it discharge from a long time sitting, it might be okay.
What reading are you getting with it running?
Is your alternator functioning correctly?
Your best bet would be to have a shop charge the battery and test it.
If the battery is still good, a long drive would charge it but would put a strain on your alternator and possibly damage it. Alternators are usually more expensive than batteries.