2000 Ford Escort making a twapping noise with accelleration

Hello there fellow CarTalk Fans!

I have a 2000 Ford Escort, that is new to me. I have had it for approximately 6 months, prior to that I don’t know what type of care this car was under.

About 3 weeks ago, I was dropping a friend off, put the car in park and couldn’t shift it out of park without using the release button on the side of the gear shifter. The shop I found( first time with these guys, but they were $400 cheaper than the dealer) replaced the entire Shift Interlock Assembly.

After that was done, they told me that the motor mounts were beyond broken, and needed to be replaced. I couldn’t afford to lose the car for a few days, so I waited a week. During that week, I started hearing a twapping noise coming from the front drivers side tire area.

It seems to start if I go over a small dip or bump, like a drainage dip or speed bump. But only if I am not turning the wheel to the left. As soon as I turn left the noise goes away, but comes back as I straighten the steering wheel. I can only hear the noise with the window down, and while driving. It can’t be heard from the passenger seat, and also stops as I stop the vehicle.

I had the motor mounts replaced over the weekend, but am still hearing the noise. I am hesitant to bring it back to the shop for fear of needing another $400 worth of repairs on top of the other two.

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!



Irvine, CA