2000 Ford E250 - Cheers for hubcaps

Read article on lug nuts…
Several yrs. back I had a Ford 3/4 PU w/ the full floating rear axle - stud threads stuck out of the lug nuts 1.5". I’d taken the hub caps off. There was a thick coating of baked on mud on the threaded parts of the stud sticking out. Had a flat tire - I could not get the lug nuts off due to the baked on mud. I was out in the boonies, had no wire brush. I had to mess w/ the studs probably 2 hrs. - finally got the tire changed. Hub caps have a purpose!!

It was not the dried mud , but rust that you could not see .

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Hi: I’m sure it was the baked on mud… I had put never seize on the nut/threads as a preventative measure. It looked sporty w/o hub caps - but result was BAD!! Part of the problem was that the heavy duty full floating rear end had a about 1.5" of threads beyond the lug nut.