2000 Eurovan hasn't been moved in 2+ years


What should I DO and NOT DO before I turn that ignition key?? The vehicle had a full tank of gas when I parked it.

thanks in advance for your help!

Check all the fluids, tire pressure… New battery? I would try to siphon out a sample of the gasoline and see what it looks like…If it still looks and smells like gasoline, see if it will start…If the gas has a dark orange color and smells like old paint thinner, siphon it ALL out and replace it with fresh gas…

Drain the oil, refill with fresh…

Assuming you didn’t double-dose the fuel, drain the tank, put in a couple gallons…enough to start it up for a while, anyway. After over 2 years, the fuel is likely no good, and has caused varnish to block or interfere with the injectors.

Here’s an answers.com link that you may want to review. Can you mix old gasoline with new gasoline? It may not appear like it’s all that relevant, but it does cover what you can do with old gas.

After those 2, make sure there’s anti-freeze and ATF in their respective places.

Pull the plugs, and turn it over for a minute. This will force new fuel into the system. Removing the plugs will ensure the starter isn’t working too hard, and allow the excess fuel to blow out.

Reinstall the plugs, and start it up. It will most likely start hard, and it may take you a while to get it going.

Once it’s going, you’ll want to use some injector cleaner to try and clean those up, and you’re also going to want to change the fuel filter pretty soon.

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Read this post, too.

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oops - forgot to mention it’s gas not diesel - does that change anything (e.g. spark plugs??)

and thanks soooo much for your help!!!

Charge up the battery, turn the key and hope for the best. If the gas is OK it will start and run. When you get down to 1/2 tank get some fresh gas in there.

If it doesn’t run, the gas in the tank went bad. Now it is going to cost you for not adding stabilizer to the fuel.

UPDATE: Well . . . everything you suggested was basically what I’d thought I’d need to do - good to know I didn’t miss anything major! OK - drained the fuel and it was starting to turn orange. refilled with small amt of new fuel. Didn’t pull the plugs 'cuz they’re too damn hard to get at - too anxious to turn it over - hope I don’t regret that. Will pull them soon. checked the oil (engine and tranny); engine looked good - a bit oops I can’t see what I’m wirting any more - and chan’t check for typos!! hang on for 2nd installment

ok - I’m back - since this will post first - read previous - then return here!
anyway . . . added a bit of injector cleaner to the little bit of fuel and turned the key. Presto!!! started almost right up - now runs beautifully - no misses! will change the oil now that I can move the vehicle and finish the overhaul! all looks good!
Thanks so much for your assistance! happy motoring!