2000 Dodge Durango

I keep hearing a squewling noise when I am driving doesnt do it at a stop. I had the water pump, water hose, and water heater coils done?? what else could it be??

A belt?

Could you describe the noise a little more completely. Including when it happens and when it may change pitch etc.

(Quote: I had the water heater coils done. Unquote) I have a feeling the poster may have trouble picking it out.

If you don’t hear the noise when the truck is stopped, then, it’s probably not the engine. It could be the transmission, or the brake noise maker telling you the brakes are worn down. You need to see Mr. Mechanic.

Under what conditions does the sqeueal happen; braking, accelerating the engine, what?
Does is change with the speed of the car or the speed of the engine?