Can't stop the SQUEALLLing

Chrysler 5.2 V8 engine. Fan belt won’t stop squealing. Tried everything. Anyone else have this issue?

I had a plym fury with this problem, it turned out not to be the fan belt, but the water pump bearing. If you have power stearing it could be that bearing, or the tensioner bearing. If you have a very long screw driver, you can put the driver end on each bearing, including ac bearing ect. and listen by putting your ear to the driver end. This is an old shade tree method but it works.

thanks, will give it a try this weekend!

Ummmmm, I wouldn’t be putting my ear on the ‘driver end’.

Put your ear against the handle end.

year, model, make? and has the waterpump, and tensioner and idler pulley and serpentine belt tensioner been replaced?

Try using a length of garden hose as a stethoscope to pin point the source of the noise.