2000 Dodge Caravan, no blower, power seats, blinkers, power locks

Blower, seats, locks, blinkers stopped simultaneously, abs and airbag light came on. The internet suggested it was the ignition switch, I changed it to no avail. The horn, wipers, 4-way flashers, headlights, taillights, and brake lights all work. Is my wife correct in suggesting we replace this 140,000 mile pile of rust?

Not so fast. If you have access to a good code reader, you might be able to get the codes. All the fuses okay?

If it is the clock spring (probably not but so you know), it is under a free recall and they would fix it for free only if you ask. Post back with more info.

With a test light or volt meter check for power at fuse #15 (BCM) in the under hood fuse box and fuse #12 (blower relay/combination flasher) in the instrument panel fuse box.

I tried re-arranging all of the 40-amp fuses near the battery, now everything works. Go figure.

If the vehicle is rusty, start looking for a poor ground connection.

It sounds like you lost a common ground for these circuits.

And yes, your wife is correct.


If you don’t already have at least a test light probe to check for power you should get one for the next time something happens. Without something to show where power is getting to, it’s kind of like working in the dark.

You might want to keep this van for a while and start saving for a replacement later on so the payments will be less when you do get a new car.