2000 Corolla strut replacement. Best place to purchase OE online?

I’m going to need my struts replaced on a 2000 Corolla. My brother (formerly a Honda mechanic) is going to do it, but he usually just buys at the local shops. I know on a lot of stuff, you can save money over the local shops if you buy online.

Since it’s a 10 year old car, I’m thinking the best deal is to just replace the whole assembly (I’ve only had it for 2 years and don’t know the prior repair history but I’m thinking it’s doubtful the previous owner did them).

Last winter, I had problems when it got REALLY cold (below 0 F) with the left rear size, every time I went over some bump. Several times I checked the tire to make sure it wasn’t flat. From reading online, I’m guessing the L rear strut was freezing - although why it didn’t freeze at 10 above zero is weird to me. I told my brother about this and while he had my car up on his lift, said I’d need struts. He lives 150 miles away and my work schedule is very inflexible in the winter, so I think he was saying it was ok to wait until summer.

Since he lives so far away, it’s going to be tricky to have him look at them again, decide what is needed, order them online, and then get back and have him install them, so my plan is to just order the whole assembly online unless someone tells me this isn’t a great idea.

If it’s an ok idea, what’s the most reliable place to buy online (even if it’s not necessarily the cheapest). I want to get the right thing and one that is going to work and last.