2000 Chrysler Sebring Jxi amplifier

If I have a 2000 Chrysler Sebring Jxi and my amplifier (it has infinity speakers) was removed before my purchase, what should I get as a replacement so I no longer have to drive in silence? I just need an amplifier but have no knowledge about them.

You can install any aftermarket amplifier. However, the original amplifier that came in the vehicle had a feature that would turn the sound up when the top was lowered.


Really neat to learn that. Thank you! I’m looking on Ebay that’s why I was concerned. I guess I just have to pick one and get it over with and see if it works.

would this one work? >>>> 2000 CHRYSLER 300M INFINITY AMPLIFIER 04760902AB

Yes. That amplifier will work. Only you’ll have to turn the volume up manually when the top is lowered.


My question is, why would someone remove the amp? It’s only really useful for similar Chrysler products. Are you sure it’s gone? If an aftermarket stereo was added, it may just be wired wrong and lack the connection that normally turns on the amplifier.

Well I’m going to guess they were going to use my car for parts before someone decided to fix it up. The engine runs like a champ and its still in good condition but someone let it go that’s why I’m putting money into it to fix it up. The amp is most definitely missing I had my neighbor who works on cars look at it. He says everything else is in check just the Amp is missing. So I’m going to purchase that above amp and see if it works. Wish me luck haha I can’t stand driving in silence I get sleepy.

I’d want to make sure going to the trouble of finding a matching amp is cheaper than just putting in a new head unit, check out crutchfield.com to see what that would cost. They also supply the needed harness, along with instructions. Worked for me.