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2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Broken arms?

I need to get my truck fixed but not sure if the rod arms are broken or bent. I was making a loud metal to metal noise banging and all the sudden the engine stall and can’t start back up again.

sounds like you need another engine . . . or maybe even another truck

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What is a “rod arm”?? Do you mean a connecting rod inside the engine? If so, based on the rest of your post, agree with @db4690 you need a new engine!

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not sure if it much matters if they are broken or bent. Engine is likely junk either way.

give us some more info, and perhaps we can help diagnose it.

Does the engine turn at all and not start? does it not turn at all when trying to start? What leads you to think it is inside the engine where the noise was?

That is the sound of an engine that is rapidly self-destructing, so whether the connecting rods are bent or broken, that engine is… toast.
Sorry to have to introduce some reality into the conversation…

The good news is, 5.3 and 4.8 ls motors are super cheap. And generally last a long time if at least half assed maintained.

A compression test would probably provide some clues. However if there’s internal engine parts that are broken, attempting to test the compression could further damage the engine. An experienced mechanic is good for stuff like this as they’ve heard all the various possible engine noises over the years and can provide an educated guess what’s wrong just by listening as you briefly crank the engine.

maybe its tech/non-tech translation? rocker arms could be noisy also. or broken valve springs dropped a valve into cyl and now motor is toast? could connecting rod be confused with arm? who knows for sure