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2000 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer rolls backwards despite trans rebuild

I just had my trans rebuilt now my car will roll backwards in all gears but park without the engine running . seems like it doesn’t lock into the gears . but all gears work while running.

So what’s the problem ?

That’s just the way automatic transmissions are.

I bet it rolls forward in all gears but park also.


Because there is no direct connection between the engine and transmission (aside from the torque converter lock up clutch if so equipped) an automatic transmission will roll forwards and backwards when the engine is off unless it is in park or the parking brake is applied.


I really hope this is not why you had your transmission rebuilt.


That is NORMAL.


Thanks my question is about why does it shake upon acceleration kinda bogs down it was real bad before the trans rebuild but still have a little hesitation was thinking purge canister cause of my code 443