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2000 Chevrolet C3500HD Carrier bearing question

I had a odd squeal sometimes on and off for a month and one day I hit 70 and all kinds of vibration. No vibration like that before. Pulled over and found a blown out carrier bearing. I put a new bearing in but still have the vibration and a little squeal. Before I send the drive shaft off and have it balanced I want to make sure the carrier bearing is installed right. Hopefully I can upload pics. There is a shiny silver piece on the shaft. Thick metal. Looks like part of the shaft. New bearing and old one didn’t have anything that looks like it. There is some debate as to if it is something that needs removes. But if the bearing went there the bearing would be 3-4 inches closer to the transmission. Without removing it, looks like I could beat the bearing about one inch more forward. I put it where it stopped snug. This driveshaft can only go one way so timing isn’t a thing.
Thanks for the help

That’s also called the hanger bearing.

I see a hanger, but no bearing.,2000,c3500+pickup,5.7l+v8,1358502,drivetrain,drive+shaft+center+support,12743


The top pic is the new bearing. Here are more 20181003_164748|374x500


Alternative to press-

I have seen those videos. 3500HD has bigger parts and doesn’t match

This is most likely a weight that was installed when the old shaft was balanced. The new shaft may have been made close enough to perfect balance that no weights were needed.

Thee two drive shaft halves are balanced together as one unit. When you pulled the center U-joint apart…you may have gotten the shafts 180 degrees off.

You may have a vibration because the and drive shaft yokes were not marked before you took the rear center U-joint apart.

Pull the center u-joint apart again and turn one shaft 180 degrees before you put them back together.


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do the parts in old pic match the parts in new pic? new pic parts are less beefy?

The splines are such that you’d have to have psycho power to assemble it wrong

As I stated above the drive shaft can only be installed one way. When the front part of the shaft slides in the back part of the shaft (which was never removed) it only goes one way. It can not be rotated 180 or 90 or 27 or 6 or any degrees.

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I pointed out they are similar but not the same. It was the process shown.

In the vids, they are pressing the bearing onto the shaft, not placing it by hand to snug location. GM uses larger parts but process often the same. Not always but been my experience.

Secondly, first vid shows the guy polishing up used part that looks a bit like that sleeve on yours. I presume to reuse it.

Drive shaft shop should know all the answers, might as well stop in there. Last time I had to have a shaft shortened and balanced, those guys were invaluable resource…


I am not talking about the splined shaft. I’m talking about the two Yokes at the center U-Joint.
You can see those yokes at the very bottom of the third picture that the original poster posted.

If they are not marked and installed the way the two halves were balanced…you can get a vibration.

Unless I am wrong to assume that you replaced all three U-joints along with the carrier bearing???
I would have replaced them while it was all apart.


Those parts do not have to come apart to replace the carrier bearing.

I tried the most popular go to shop in town. They weren’t sure. I went to another shop and they weren’t sure either. Both said they thought it looked right but also said something isn’t right if it’s making vibration lol