2000 Cadillac Eldorado - Just clicks

Turn the ignition on, ll dash lights came on. When I try to start car All I get is several clicks even when I let off of the ignition.
Sometimes when I turn on ignition, only clock on radio lights up, no dash lights. Turn ignition to start it and nothing, not even click’s.

It sounds like your battery is bad, or maybe your alternator. If you can get the car–or even just the battery–to an auto parts store they can test the battery for you. If the battery checks out I’d suspect the alternator. You can have it tested too.

And/or corroded battery cables at one or both ends.


Check the positive battery terminal to see if this is what’s going on.



This, and the dash lights coming on only sometimes, make the ignition switch a possibility.

replaced battery, when I turn ignition on the dash lights don’t come on. Pull headlight switch And lights only come on with ignition on. Clock on radio comes on. Windows and sun roof work fine and interior lights work.fuel pump works. But not even clicking from the starter.