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2000 bmw 328i rough idle

i have a 2000 bmw 328i… it only happens when its cold. in the morning i start the car and have it idle. when its idling the rpms going under 1000 and it starts to bog out… the pointer starts going up and down, at time the car will stall, but it only does it when its cold… when car warms up or when its hot out it wont do it… ant suggestion?

the bmw 328i has 88000 miles

There was a campaign to replace a formed vacuum hose (not a generic hose)that was located either under the valve cover or just the plastic coil covers,it had a snap-lock type connector on one end,it was located mid-way down the head,failure of this hose would cause erratic idle and not always a check engine light. Somehow you must find out if this was done or is leaking again,and of course there are always the normal failures that would cause erratic idle,and vacuum leak is one.

check engine light never went on… the mechanic changd the coolant theormostat because it was leaking… just this morning i turned my car on and its still bogging out… he also diagnozed the car and the camshaft came up thats connected to the pulley… no other codes come up… going to try to replace the idle contropl valve and see…

Do not dismiss the info I gave on the vacuum leak area,it is the straight story,ask your mechanic if he knows about the campaign.I got burned on this repair before it became a campaign. Good Luck

yea i have to confirm to see if theres a cacuum leak… just might be hard to find it…