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2000 Acura RL

The odometer, tripometer and outside temperature light on my 2000 Acura RL is not lighted and is not showing a reading. However, when I press the reset button to clear the tripometer, it still beeps.
I cannot locate a reference to this gauge in the manual under fuses.
Does anyone know what can be wrong and where to look? Thank you.

Ever Have Water On The Floor ? Some 1996 - 2001 And Early 2002 Acura RLs Have Intermittent Electrical Problems Caused By Water Leaks. Whether Or Not That’s The Culprit, I Don’t Know.

Honda’s got a 4 page TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) written for their technicians that discusses water leaking into the front pillars on this model, creating electrical issues (security system sounds intermittently while parked, door locks cycle while driving, instrument panel lights remain on).

I don’t see your specific problem there, but who knows ? Water can lead to corrosion and poor electrical connections.

It says to test for water leaks and if there is one, clean the connectors for the under dash fuse/relay box, driver’s multiplex control unit, or door lock actuator.

This is a wild guess, but here, take a look at the bulletin and see what you think.