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200 F150 hood release

The hood release, under the dash, will not open the hood on my 2000 F150 pickup. The guys at the oil change station banged and pryed on the hood while holding the hood release to open. No results.

Any ideas?

They said to spray with WD 40. I did and it’s now 24 hrs ;ater & still won’t open.

“The guys at the oil change station?”

Oh, yeah, they’re the ones you want to consult when you have a problem.

Where did you spray the WD-40?

tried to hit the latch itself. but it’s behind a bracket and hard to get to with the spray.

Rather than banging or prying the hood, push down on the hood while somebody works the hood release. This usually pops the hood loose on my truck when it sticks. Once the hood is open, lubricate the latch with some spray grease.