2 VVT solenoids on 1999 Lexus ES300

VVT replacement job with oil change. $700. Sounds too steep to me.

Doesn’t look too tough, give it a try!

Not my question.

Because 99% of us have no idea what would be involved in this job, I thought the videos might help.


Get several estimates .

How is your 700 estimate totaled? 300 parts and 400 labor? 3 hrs labor? 4 hrs? Why would another shop says its 2 hrs? 2nd shop may says it’s 575 total?

I’m seeing $100 each for the parts, and 1.2 hours labor to replace both variable valve timing actuators. So around $320 total, parts and labor. Plus whatever they charge for an oil change. If that’s all they’re doing, $700 does indeed sound pricey. What else could they be doing? hmmm … you could ask if they are also doing …

  • sludge removal?
  • VVT sensor replacements?
  • PCM reprogramming?