2 tire blowouts in one trip--looking for a cause

@dhatahet87_160438 Speaking of tire experts…

We are fortunate to have Car Talk Community’s very own resident tire expert who frequently participates in discussions. He is a tire engineer by trade, a really nice guy too. Clicking the blue CapriRacer below takes you to his Car Talk member page and you can message him.

He also operates a discussion/blog site and the link is below. Check it out!


From this site I have attached a link directly to his credentials page, below.

P.S. Oops, I was a couple mintes too slow. He already has begun to join this discussion, just minutes ago, above.

“Did not see” is not the same thing as “we actually looked for problems.”

And hairline cracks can be hard to find on a purely visual inspection. Especially on black wheels.

Also “Did not see anything several days and hundreds of customers ago” does not instill the highest amount of confidence in their reply…

I had an issue several years back where one of my Chevy vans had 3 rear ‘blowouts’ within 2 weeks. It was all just bad luck. Different drivers, different routes- all picked up nails on the road and had brand new tires go low and with dual tires on the back, they didn’t notice the tires were low and kept driving- overheating the sidewalls causing failures. I hadn’t even been invoiced yet for the 2nd tire when it failed… lol

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