2 piece wheel question

So I just picked up a new (to me) set of 2 piece wheels for a build I’m working on. My plan was to flip the barrels to make them deep dish wheels for a custom wide-body kit, however there’s this bur on the barrel that’s in the way preventing the wheel face of going inside. Are there shops out there that flatten this bur? I know it would widen the wheel a bit, but that’s no issue, I’m just wondering if there are shops out there that do this. Or do I just have to go the route of getting disgustingly wide spacers, which I really, REALLY would not like to do. Thank you to all who give input!

Not sure what you are calling a “bur”. The picture shows a barrel in desperate need of a polish and an air fill valve that will be a problem if you flip the barrels. Hard to fill the tire when you need to remove it to add air.

There are always machine shops that can remove rough spots. You might seek out a wheel specialty shop.

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I think he might be talking about the rolled edge.

I personally wouldn’t want to grind that off for structural reasons.

I also wouldn’t want to flip the wheels in the first place because it puts unnecessary stress on things like ball joints.

… and wheel bearings.