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2 new tires mounted diagonally (one in front, one in year)

I have two different pairs of all-season tires: one pair that has been driven for about 20,000 miles, another pair from a different manufacturer that is new and that has been driven for maybe 1,000 miles. The older tires are noticeably more worn than the newer tires.

When my car shop replaced the winter tires by the all-season tires this week, I asked them to mount the newer pair at the rear of the car. The person who took the order said that I shouldn’t worry about it because they would measure the tires and rotate them accordingly. When I got the car, the new and old tires were installed diagonally across from each other: front left old, front right new, rear left new, rear right old.

Is this okay or should I go back to the shop?

Go back. I’d put the location in writing, and insist that it be followed. I agree, the best tires on the rear for a FWD car.

Uneven pairs on each axle are asking for stability problems.

Drive slowly and carefully until you can get this corrected.

It would be nice to have matching tires on the same axle but a 19,000 mile difference in wear is about 2/32" to 3/32", not enough to lose sleep over. The difference in diameter between the two brands may be greater, you can look up that information.

I doubt you could notice the difference when push hard on a race track. The car would probably perform better as is with the tires mix because the better performing tires are not on one axle.

Nevada is probably right but it wouldn’t be something I would do or keep. I’d just change them myself in the garage. Pretty easy using the spare.

I’d want them changed to the correct axles to maximize tire life.

Hard to decide without knowing the tread depths. What are they?

I would make them do what I asked them to do, and paid for them to do, in the first place.


It’s not so much the difference in diameter, as the different tread pattern, that will cause handling problems. And, the difference in diameter can cause premature wear in the differentials.

I had blizzaks on my car and 1 developed a sidewall leak. So I put the all season tire on since it was close to end of winter. Blizzaks were 1/2 worn anyways. Than a month or so later I took in the 3 remaining a/s tires and told service manager to swap the rest. The tire monkey came in office to get order and manager told him to swap 3 tires and figure out which 3 on his own. Pretty funny look on kids face.

I don’t have the exact measurements but the tread depth of the older tires is about half that of the newer tires.

Yeah, best to have equal depths at front or rear.

They gave you an excuse, not a good reason to wait. I’d get it done soon, so they don’t " forget" what happened.

…Or you could wait until your next tire rotation to have it corrected, you have to consider if it worth your time to get the tires where you want them.

Many thanks to everyone for the feedback. I went back to the shop and they swapped the tires. The two new tires are now on the rear axle.