2 front wheel sensors bad, abs won't initiate

I have a genisys touch scan tool and receive an error trying to bleed the abs.bit will only initiate the output valves and not the input. It won’t do an automated bleed as I receive an error. I have dtc’s for the front two wheel speed sensors. I’ve driven the car and the abs won’t initiate at all. I’ve watched videos of people with a single bad sensor drive and have their abs kick on. I need some insightful on the situation :pleading_face:

I doubt that. If the car throws an ABS sensor error, the ABS shuts off. That is how it was designed.

If you have 2 bad sensors, your ABS will not work. Since it’s default is no ABS, I suggest you just drive it with no ABS like we did for 100 years before ABS was invented.

I cant bleed them fully without initiation the abs pump. I have an otc genisys touch scan tool that allows the abs to to go through an automated bleed and it allows only the outlet valves to initialize…it gets an error on inlets and the automated bleed. Can I trick the wheel sensor signal somehow?

Try clearing the wheel sensor codes before you bleed it. See if lets you cycle the inlet and outlet valves.

I will say I have never had issues bleeding my GM cars or trucks and I’ve never used a scan tool to cycle the valves. Not sure why yours won’t bleed without it.

At least one will still do rear ABS if there is a fault with the front sensor(s).

Which one?

Volvo 850!