2 cycle oil--how do I know if it is there?


Hopefully, this will be quick. My husband mixed up the gas cans between the snow blower and the boat. One has 2 cycle oil and one might not but now he isn’t sure. How can I tell which one has the oil? Pour it in a glass and look for? HELP


2-cycle oil usually has color to it (red, green, etc.) If you have the oil, you can determine the color easily. The gas w the oil should be readily apparent from the color.


The 2 cycle oil gas mix should be darker than the regular gas.

Ed B.


Yes, pour them in two different glass containers and compare. The oil mix will be darker. Good luck! Rocketman


Most (but not all) 2-cycle oil is dyed dark blue or green. Pure gasoline is almost clear.

If all else fails, allow some to evaporate on a flat dish. The oil will not evaporate.


THANK YOU ALL! I will look for the darker one!