2.7 dodge engine

my question is, are all 2.7 engine classified as an interference engines.

My old Chrysler training manual, printed in 2002 states that the 2.7 L engines are interference engines. I don’t think they are any different in the rear wheel drive cars; charger, Magnum and 300.

Has anyone seen a 2.7L make it to 200K without serious work? I haven’t. I think a 2.7L will INTERFERE with your wallet well before that. A car-dealer friend of mine says he won’t buy anything made by Chryco with an engine size ending in point 7. I think he made that statement before the 5.7L hemi came out.

My neighbor had a 95 Concord with a 2.7 that went 300k before the timing chain tensioner broke.

@keith: Are you sure it was a 2.7? I thought the LH platform for that model year only came with a 3.3 or 3.5L (though I could be wrong) and both were decent engines, though the 3.5 was pretty bulletproof.

I am a Mopar fan, but I’d admit the 2.7 was not their best effort…

I’m more sure of the engine than I am of the year. It was a Concord, and I’m pretty sure it was a 2nd gen 2.7 (190 hp). The owner was a diesel mechanic for the Army Corp of Engineers.

It was not the 3.3 or 3.5, I used to run a machining line that machined those heads. I know those heads pretty well. It was DOHC, the 3.3 was OHV and the 3.5 was SOHC.

Edit: I just looked it up in wikipedia, it had to be a 98 or newer. It had that open grill that reminded me of my 57 Olds. According to them, it would have been a 1st gen (200 hp) engine.