# 2,4,6 misfires

im working on a 2006 chevy 1500 w/ 4.3l. i have a #2,4,6 misfire. i have replaced the cap, rotor , plugs and wires. no change… i then replace the central inj. with the updated one. the problem is still there. I NEED HELP!!!

Is that one of the cars that use two coils? Could one be out? Have you checked to see if you are getting spark to the plug?

Are all of those on one bank? Could you have a plugged catalytic converter?

no just one coil. and yes i have fire to all plugs…

yes they are all one bank and it only has one converter…

Check the compression.

compression is good. 150-160 psi on all cyl.

Are you having driveablity issues or are you just getting a check engine light and a code?

Have you checked for intake manifold leaks? This sounds like it is all on one side of the engine. There must be something funky happening to that side. The code is for abnormal spark requirements for those cylinders, either an increase or decrease in voltage. If compression is good, maybe the exhaust on that side is partially plugged. A lean mix or lack of proper exhaust flow can cause this.