1st car, major problems. $1500 engine problem?! HELP!

All right, calm down! Does it really matter? No compression anywhere is a sure sign that the valves did get bent, and naturally they aren’t moving if the belt has snapped. So I left that part out…get a grip!

i had the exact same thing happen to my car… i was driving and all of a sudden, my car had no pwer and i was coasting… good thing i was close to home… it happened again… ALL I DID WAS CHANGE THE BATTERY! it has never happened again. It didnt help when my cars wheel fell off because of ball joints lol… i actually had the balljoints and and wheel rods replaced etc… before that happened i was soooo angry

Sounds like a snapped timing belt and this will bend all or most of the intake valves, depending. “Cracked head” is not a very good way of explaining this.

OP, with a broken timing belt the engine will crank over faster than normal and may almost sound like it’s freewheeling.

Rather than buy new valves, etc. it may be more cost effective to find a used cylinder head and install that: AFTER verifying the head is not warped and in need of surfacing.

All right, calm down!


You were giving MISINFORMATION…I was just clarifying it.