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1jz non vvti ran out of oil


I have a 1998 m3 with a 1jz non vvti twin turbo swap. The turbo had a oil leak and as we were moving the car to another shop I guess it leaked out all the oil and ran the engine dry and shut the car off. We added oil and started the car and now it idles rough and it has a really bad sound like something is flying around in the engine down towards the bottom end. Any ideas on what could have broke and what I’ll need to replace when I tear the motor apart ?

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Remove the oil pan and see what you can find in there,

Nobody owning a vehicle with what is under that hood would ask such a question seriously

clearly they should know what that sound is…

Its the sound of mechanical death…

That sound is bottom end bearing damage… Con Rod and or Crank… prolly both.

Sorry to hear that happened.


Bearings, rods, crank, cam bearings, cams as a first guess. Plus a full cleanup and rebuild to clear out all the trash created inside the engine.


What will need replaced after tear down - your savings account and line of credit for BMW parts and labor.

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@VOLVO_V70 This car has a swapped in Toyota engine. That is what the 1JZ means. Not that this going to be inexpensive by any means. Just not BMW expen$ive! :wink:

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OK , I just saw the heading that said BMW M3 . Is there not some rule about putting a Toyota engine in a BMW ?

It means that the engine is likely trashed, and that you’ll be replacing it whole rather than just replacing parts. I’m surprised someone with such a niche car would be asking about this in the first place.

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Apparently not any more since the new Supra is a Z4 under the skin.