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1999 VW New Beetle

Speaking headache and problems! I have 1999 VW Beetle. The oil consumption is shocking; I have to check/fill engine oil every several weeks. The check engine light is always on; my shop guys cannot turn it off. This is a stick car, and there is not much power in R and 1st gears. Don’t know what to do! Cannot afford a new car now. So any suggestions will be so welcome! Thanks, Feili Tu

First off, you need to provide us with the current mileage, and also tell us what the code(s) are that the computer has stored.

Without that information, all we can tell you is that the Oil Gnomes are stealing your oil, and have given the Hamsters that power your car large amounts of drugs, and now they aren’t as eager to get the car moving down the road.

If you take the car to an auto parts place, like Auto Zone, or Pep Boys, they can read the codes, and give you a print out of them, which you can bring back to us.


There were several, and the info was from my shop guys. I will try to dig it out. As I rmember, one of them was 30 or 30 something … Thanks, FT