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1999 Volvo V70 CEL O2 sensors

About 3 months ago the check engine light came on. Scanner read rear o2 sensor and it was replaced. After about 100 miles CEL returned. This time it is the front o2 sensor. It was replaced and CEL returned after about 70 miles. Reading was same exact sensor and it was replaced again but same reading returned after about 80 miles. Now the scan is reading P1132 which is MAF sensor. Car is running a little rougher and starting a little harder. What can solve the problem? I have a rejection sticker on my car.

The sensors likely weren’t bad, they were telling you the 02 is off. Figure out why the car is running rough and you might solve your CEL problem. These Volvos need new plugs, dist. cap, and wires often as in every 30K miles. If you haven’t changed out these basic tune up parts recently that’s a good place to start. Clean the MAF sensor and see if you get things back on track.

Thanks for the info. I will talk to my mechanic tomorrow about your suggestion.

I have decided to give more information. 1999 Volvo Cross Country V70XC, VIN: YV1LZ56D5X2616652 Mileage: 199735

  1. Check engine light goes on, car runs fine, oxygen sensor 1 replaced. Car runs fine.
  2. Drive car 50-100 miles, check engine light comes on, Car runs fine, oxygen sensor 2 replaced. Car runs fine.
  3. Drive car 50-100 miles check engine light comes on. Car runs fine. Oxygen sensor 2 replaced again. Car runs fine
  4. Mechanic has car inspected. Fails inspection (with reject sticker) computer not completely reset? Car runs fine.
  5. Drive car 50-100 miles, check engine light comes on. Car starting to run rough and hard to start. Scan reading P1132 (MAF sensor).