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1999 Toyota Tacoma - Paint

Have a red/maroon pickup that I bought used in 2001. It had 47000 miles on it. I have 323500 on it now. the biggest problem I have had is the clearcoat. 60% of it is gone. I was told that they changed the formula for 1999 due to VOC’s levels and if I was the original owner, Toyota would have repainted it. It was a quiet recall.
Body is good with no rust and a clean frame. The A/C will give you frostbite but in FL that is not a problem.
Someday I may just strip it down and paint it a different color.

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I really doubt Toyota soul repaint any 20 year old vehicle for free.

Let me get this straight. You have a 20 yr. old truck that you bought used and put over 200K miles on and the clearcoat is going. Is there a real problem here? I’d opine you have no complaint and the truck owes you nothing. Or did you just want to tell people,