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1999 Toyota Corolla starts to stall when front defrost fan is on

I have only 33,000 miles on my car. This just started…I had the front defrost on and when I turned on the fan it made a strange “groaning” noise and acceleration stalled. Noise went away when I turned off fan. I find the car runs propperly when the setting is on heat only but defrost will cause it to sputter and then stall out all together if I don’t turn it off. The engine check light IS NOT on. Is this worth a dealer visit or what??

You have AC issues. Your car’s AC turns on when you turn on defrost. Try turning on the AC and not heat, you will have the same problem. You could maybe pull the AC relay and still use defrost until it’s fixed

When you turn on the fan in the defrost mode, the air conditioning compressor automatically comes on. Doing this clears the windshield quicker.

If there’s a problem with the compressor for the AC system, it can create a load on the engine to where it can stall the engine out.

Since you said you heard a groaning noise when this first happened, I’d have AC compressor checked out.


Listen to Tester. I’d just add that unless you have a warranty or recall issue you don’t have to go to a dealer. Just find a local independent mechanic with a good reputation.

WOW…THIS WAS GREAT!! Thanks!! Guy at the dealer made me think they never heard of such a thing before. Sounds simple enough to me!!! Thank-you!! :wink:

Thank you so much!!!