1999 Toyota Camry Error Code

I have an automatic 6 cup and get a P1780 error code. Says to check neutral shift sensor, which I replaced. Code came back. Internet search says to try wire loom in trunk, driver side. Opens 2-3’ of it and found no frayed or broken wires. All lights work fine. Car shifts fine. No other issues other than check engine light and that code. Any ideas where else to check? Thanks!

I don’t know if this will help or not but it contains a few reasons on why you may be getting the CEL. http://www.parksoffroad.com/tacomamods/maintitems/enginecode/cip1780.pdf

Thanks…ill give that a look. A Toyota tech said I probably have a short in a wire in the harness that goes from the fuse block, but $$ to track down. Appreciate the help!

Are the backup lights working? Have you checked and cleaned the grounds at the lights tail lights?