1999 Nissan Frontier - Noisy A/c Compressor Clutch... Normal?

'99 Frontier (3.3L), 140k miles. Just had fan clutch, radiator and belts replaced. Now noticing that the a/c compressor clutch (pictured below) is noisy when the 3 discs stop spinning while I’m driving…it’s a noticeable “clack” sound that I can hear with the windows UP… is this normal? Is there any cure, like lubrication it needs? I pushed on the belts a bit, they don’t seem too tight…

Its possible that the noise is coming from the tensioner. There is a bolt on the back of the tensioner pulley and the long screw that is used to adjust it. If you mechanic forgot to tighten the bolt on the back after adjusting the tension, it will make noise.

thanks, I will get it back to the mechanic to have him take a look!