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1999 Mercedes E300 Turbo Diesel, disconnected battery and now windows won't go up easily!

My last business trip proved disasterous when I returned after a week to the airport to a dead battery in my E300 diesel. The car would not start with a jump so I took the battery out of the car and took it home and put a trickle charge on it. After charging, I reinstalled battery and everything seems good…except the windows roll down fine but barely roll up. You have to keep hitting the window up button for them to go. They go up about a 1/2 inch every time you hit the button but sometimes none. You just have to keep hitting button while “assisting” window to get them to close. Is this coincidence or did something happen by taking battery out of car?

Anyone who decides to disconnect a battery should read this first.


Don’t know if this will help too much, but it might fix it.

Power windows need to be “greased” periodically. Get a can of silicone spray to lubricate the tracks the windows go up and down in. Roll the windows down, spray the tracks. Assist the window up, down, up and down. Repeat. Normally 2 treatments is enough. If it’s sever, 3 or 4 may be required.

This is also a common reason for window motors to fail.

Refer to Tester’s post. I still think this is good info, but probably not pertinent to your issue.

Tester…thanks for that link!

Link didn’t work for me but I assume it was cautioning against removing the battery without plugging a small power source first, but doesn’t a completely dead battery have the same effect as removing it?

The link had a “url” thing at the end you had to remove. Try this one:

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