1999 Honda Civic - car died, was pouring oil

I was driving down the interstate wasn’t going to fast literally was about to get off the exit had no indication that anything was wrong no check engine light no noise is nothing like that, and raise I’m bout to get off the exit about a mile before the exit I heard a pop car started to lose a little bit of power like horsepower drop turn off the exit get into the turning lane as I get into the turn lane to turn into the gas station in the car dies I’ll get it into the gas station parking lot and she’s pouring oil what can cause that please any answers will help out would be best to To buy apart and try to see if that’s it or just get a whole brand new car do you think is the engine orders could it be your head gasket or something to that extent

For crying out loud . Have you never heard of sentences and periods .

A guess from the web is not going to do you any good . Since you appear to lack the ability to find out what is wrong you need a shop to look at this. And just buying parts is not going to be a solution.


Sounds like there is a hole in your engine, could be from a thrown connecting rod, the oil filter may have come off, could be many things.

Since the engine has stopped on its own with the oil pouring out, seems like the engine has seized. I doubt that it is going to be practical to repair or replace the engine in an old car like this.