1999 Grand Prix Gt

Hey I bought a car and just got an oil change. Midas says the car cant be saved . Sway bar broke. Shocks . Exhaust leak. Coolant leak. Abs broke. A.c /heat does not work. Car jeks and scares me. Car temperature rises a lot while driving.

take it back to wherever you bought it.

Why did you ever buy a car with this much broken?


I bought it last week and was told this after the oil change. I guess I have to sell it.

It does not jerk until the engine starts shutting down. That’s when I hurry up and get home. Hey we win some we lose some. I’m asking if it’s worth fixing on. I have a mechanic.

Any particular reason you didn’t take the car in for a pre-purchase inspection? The cost of the repairs you listed will more than likely exceed the value of the car. You could probably part it out and get more money for it than you would if you just resold it or junked it ( the scrap value and realistic selling price are going to be about the same given the problems it has).


ask your mechanic for a quote. There is no way anyone can give you a quote without seeing and testing the vehicle.

But you imply it drove fine and the oil change place told you of all these problems? You had no hint of them before?
Rule 1: never trust an oil change place, they do not have any mechanics, just poorly trained workers.

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Ok it had some issues but no it didn’t start the jerking until the day after I bought it. After lots of travel that day lol. Smh he’s cool and going to fix the coolant leak today. Midas gave me the diagnostic

99 gm 3800 motor usually has coolant leak from serp belt tensioner assy. yes, the coolant flows thru this bracket/assy. they call it the old coolant elbow leak. gm exhausts fail at 150k. resonator usually. and mufflers. y-pipes seem fairly durable. the sway snapping at link area is very common. you can live without one. new struts are ok. they almost never make car ride better. unless strut mount is noisy. or spring is broke. low coolant from a leak will cause overheating. how many miles on this thing? usually the rockers rust so the area under car looks awful. i sold my 99 about 5yrs ago and i had fixed everyone of these issues

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Hi! Cool to relate. 249k miles. My friend will fix the coolant leak today. He said a hose by the alternator or radiator is wrong. Too long and the air can’t move. He said buy a hose that fits. I did not see the rust. Idk about the shocks. He will look at today. Nothing is noisy except something that might be From the exhaust leak or the muffler that’s hanging by a coat hanger.

That does not even make sense . I don’t think that person should be working on vehicles.

I wonder if the translation would be “someone put a non-standard hose on there and the top of the hose is above the fill port so air gets trapped in there?”

Good point , Mr. Shadow . That makes sense .

Ok well my bad. Yea that’s it.

almost any hose with the right diameter will “fit”. but if it is too long and folded back on itself than it can be pinched and restrict flow. or block flow. i know the 3.8 has the coolant elbow but i dont think the 3.1/3.4 motors did.