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1999 GMC Suburban - getting sugar out of my tank

Someone put sugar in my tank. Can i fix this problem with out having to get a new pump?

Sure, ignore it and likely the pump won’t have any problems. Or anything else. Or remove the tank and clean it out.

It really doesn’t do much harm and a Subby has a large, or huge gas tank so you’d have to pour a huge amount of sugar to really do any significant damage.

Removed the filter and cant hear pump come on. Is there any reason why it wouldnt come on.

Yes, the pump could have failed, the fuel relay could have failed or the wiring could have failed. On a truck this old, I suspect the pump if it has not been replaced.

How are you tying to run the pump? Are you turning the key to the ON position but not crank to cycle the pump? And fuel is not shooting out the pipe where the filter was?

The pump was replaced last month but some one just recently put sugar in my tank. We took the filter out and turn the key just into on position and can not hear pump coming on. No gas coming out where filter was.

Time to drop the tank, again. Flush out the tank while it is out, replace the pump, again.