1999 Ford Ranger - Power drops out

1999 3.0 V6 flex fuel 4x4 loaded. no power 50-60 MPH, OK before 50 and after 60 no heat if fan on high, rough idle, starts easy shifts OK new plugs & wires 5k ago new radiator heater valve & blend door actuator temp runs normal and heater core is clear. Installed air bleeder on heater core hose. I run out of Idea’s and money ! Help

Might try breaking up each problem into seperate issues…

Sounds like the engine has no power/acceleration between 50-60 MPH, But the engine also has a rough idle…
Vehicle has no heat if fan on high or has no heat above 60 MPH with fan on high??
The blend door actuator temp runs normal? but I thought it didn’t have heat if fan on high and or possibly above 60???

So rough idle, no acceleration between 50-60, no heat on high???

Now when you say no heat on high, do you mean the hot air turns cool on high or the fan stops blowing hot air on high???

Is the check engine light on?

Does the check engine light work ?

Unusual symptom. Don’t recall anyone here posting similar symptom. Are you able to differentiate by driving in a different gear at same speed if the problem is engine rpm related vs speed related? I’m guessing either an ignition system problem (e.g. crank sensor) or EGR malfunction.