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1999 Ford Ranger Highbeam issue

I’m having an issue with my headlights. I have a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT, 6 cyl., 4.0L 2WD vehicle. I recently purchased a pack of Silverstar Ultra 9004 headlights (link below). When the headlights are installed and turned on, the headlights will not change from highbeam-mode. If I try to use highbeams, it only dims the lights. Also, when the headlights are turned on, my fog lights do not come on (this only happens when the headlights are installed). The headlight switch has three options:
1) Off
2) All lights, except headlights, on
3) All lights on

If I turn the switch to the 2 position, the fog lights will come on. When I turn it to the 3 position, the fog lights turn off and highbeams come on.

I have tried swapping the bulbs around around (left to right, right to left) to no avail. When I remove the bulbs and turn the switch on, according to the dash my lights work as they should (I can then control the high and low beam). Once the bulbs are in though, it defaults to highbeam.

I have also checked the fuses.

Thank you for your time, and if you need any further information I will be glad to give it.

Silverstar Ultra 9004 (These are what the manual said would work for my vehicle)

Added the appropriate link.


You mention that they are 9004s, but the link says 9007. Are you sure you have the right bulb?

My bad. I put the wrong link in by mistake. The correct link has been added.

The bulbs, obviously, are not suitable for your vehicle…

Okie dokie. I’ll run down to an auto-store tomorrow and see if their book says I can use another bulb. The one’s I bought were the only option available to me in the book I looked at. Thanks for the advice.

The bulbs probably have 3 spade connectors…Check the resistance between them with an ohmmeter. The new bulbs and old bulbs should be pretty much the same…Your electrical system does not like what it sees when you plug in the aftermarket bulbs…

Your truck call for a 9007