1999 Ford F350 V10 issues

I have a 1999 F350 V10, with 174k on the chassis and about 38k on the engine. I had been getting a continuous miss at all RPMs and the PCM was giving me P0300 and P0174 codes, so I replaced all the boots and wires on the coils, and the P0300 random miss has ceased. However, I still have the lean condition bank 2 P0174. I can find no vacuum leaks, I’ve isolated the EGR, cleaned the MAF, replaced the fuel filter, cleaned all injector connections, etc. I do have a number of injectors with broken retainer clips, and one on bank with with a shattered connector, but that bank is not getting a lean code. I have not tested fuel pressure, will soon. If that is not it, ie a failing pump or regulator, any other ideas. Then engine just had major service- had the heads pulled, exhaust studs replaced, engine cleaned and serviced, and no mechanical problems were noted. ANY ideas welcome!!