Problem with my F150

I have been having some issues with my F150. It has been hesitating, has no power, shakes under acceleration, and poor gas mileage. I have recently changed the fuel injectors, spark plugs, coils, o2 sensors, egr valve, egr pressure feedback sensor, mass air flow sensor, and cleaned the throttle body. At this point i feel like am just throwing parts at it and hoping something sticks. Anyone have any idea what could be the problem? I haven’t done a vacuum test or checked the cats yet.
DTC Freeze Frame Data is as follows:
Fuelsys1= CL
Fuelsys2= N/A
Load_PCT (%)= 29.4
ETC (°F)= 174
SHRTFT1 (%)= -9.4
LONGFT1 (%)= 3.1
SHRTFT2 (%)= 28.9
LONGFT2 (%)= 18.8
RPM (/min)= 3081
VSS (mph)= 50
Fault Codes P0172, and P0174
Catalyst= INC
Evap Mon= INC
Oxy Sen Mon= INC
Oxy Sen Htr= INC

You didn’t say which engine you have nor the year of the truck…useful info if you want people to help you fix this over the internet.

Since you have lean codes for two banks, I’ll assume a V8. Before replacing a lot of parts, I would have started with a vacuum gauge. Both banks lean would normally suggest a vacuum leak.

Bank 2 is dumping a lot of fuel trying to fix this lean condition while bank one is not. That suggests another problem, like an exhaust manifold leak before the O2 sensor letting air confuse the sensor on bank 2.

Using your Grand Prix as backup? Try a 3rd car.

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It’s an 01 4.6l, just replaced vacuum cans. Still running rich. I’ll go ahead and get vacuum gauges and check it. Definitely going to check exhaust manifolds, that is one thing I overlooked.

That’s the plan once I close on the house.

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Seems most likely problem is on bank 2. So something unique to only that bank. Exhaust leak, O2 sensor problem, fuel injector, coil, plug, misfire. I think what diy’er me would do if I had that problem, first step, read diagnostic codes. Next, remove spark plugs on problematic bank, looking at the tips for clues. While the plugs were out I do a compression check on that bank. Still got nothing? Try swapping injectors bank 1 & 2. Does the fuel trim problem follow the swap to the to the other bank? Bingo! Same idea, swap coils, plugs, O2 sensors bank to bank. Inspecting the exhaust system bank to bank makes sense too, any leaks in bank 2 could cause this. Check for intake manifold leaks on bank 2 also. Consider possibility also that fuel injector(s) are not being electrically pulsed, for this the shop method is usually a noid test.

The long term fuel trim on bank 2 of 19% is where to focus your att’n. Should be in the +/- 3 to 4 % range. Your engine computer is saying it has to inject nearly 20% more fuel to meet the O2 sensor mixture requirement, than it thinks is required based only on the intake air flow. Either too much O2 in the exhaust on that bank, or not enough fuel.

Note that engine components common to both banks, egr, egr modulator, maf sensor, throttle body, those parts not likely culprits.

Confused? No harm to ask a shop do the diagnosis, then you can do the repair if you like. Better shops have gadgets that let easily allow them disable cylinders to determine if there’s one cylinder in particular that’s involved.

Are all the coil packs in working order? On a modular engine of that vintage, that’s one of the things I would check first, particularly if they are the originals.

There’s two threads here about an F150. Is this the same truck?

Seeing that the F150 is such a rare and unique vehicle, there is a good possibility they are. :grin:

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One of the threads seems to have somehow disappeared. It’s like magic! Or was I just imagining the other thread? … ???

Fooled Penn&Teller, must be magic!

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Still don’t know if there was in fact another F150 thread that disappeared, or it never existed. Disappearing threads, who wudda thunk … lol …