Overheating problem

I am in Florida, were it is already over 90. My 1995 ford is running vewry hot, and threatens to overheat.

I pull over to cool it down, and notice if the fan comes on at all it is very briefly.

Is this likely a fan motor problem, a sensor problem or something else?

If it’s overheating while you’re rolling down the road, that’s not a fan problem. Sounds like a simple coolant restriction to me.

When was the last time the thermostat was replaced? Or possibly the radiator is restricted…

Also, when was the last time the cooling system was flushed out and new coolant put in? How many miles on the car?

You may be right. I flushed it less than one year ago. However when I checked for coolant in the resovior bottle, the level was very high. Also, one other time, I opened the radiator cap to check the level there, and found it to be under a lot of pressure. The engine was cold, but fluid came out loke it was hot.

From the above info, you could conclude that you have a leaking head gasket and hot combustion gasses are getting in the cooling system, pushing the level up.

You need a cooling system pressure test and engine compression test done to determine the cause.

Thanks. I’ll save the money and get it checked. Sounds like it may be time to find a new car.

One way to see if the head gasket is indeed leaking would be to check for bubbles in the reservoir while the engine is running. There are also test kits that can check for hydrocarbons in the coolant.